water sports

Water Sports
Before we talk about water sports, I want to explain at a glance about sport. There are many types of sport in the world today such as football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, badminton, alphin skiinng, bocce, bowling, cricket, cross country skiing, cycling, equestrian,figure skating, floorball, floor hockey, golf, gymnastic artistics, gymnastic rhythmic, handball, judo, kayaking, motor activity training program, nettball, open water swimming, powerlifting, roller skating, sailing, short track speed skating, snowboarding, snowshoeing, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, triathlon and many more.
if we see from the medium then the sport can be divided into 4 large groups namely sport in the land, sport in the water, sport on the air and sport in the ice.
Sport in the water can be divided more to be 2 medium namely sport in the ocean and sport in the river. Sport in the river such as rafting and kayaking. Sport in the ocean such as diving, snorkeling, kiteboarding, water skiing, flyboard, jet ski and many more.
Sport using the water medium either in the river or in the ocean is called “water sport” or today more familiar with the term of “watersport”
Okay, let’s talk about water sports. Water sport is a sport activity that is done in the water either in the river or in the ocean. Here we mention all categories of water sport include:
rafting, kayakiing, parasailing, banana boat, diving, snorkeling, flying fish, kiteboarding or kitesurfing, water ski, sky board, seawalker, jet ski, underwater scooter, parasailing adventure, swimming, sailing, open water swimming, donut boat, parodi

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