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Glass Bottom Boat Turtle Island

What is the glass bottom boat? Glass Bottom Boat is a vessel with a water-resistant glass in the center of a vessel’s hull so that passengers can see underwater life from the surface without going down into the water. In Tanjung Benoa, South Kuta, Bali, there is a place for turtle breeding (turtle conservation) that we call “Turtle Island” or Pulau Penyu in Bahasa. To reach this place, people have to use a boat as transportation because there are no other transportation modes that can be used on this island other than boats. Since Tanjung Benoa is a very famous water sports tourist spot in Bali, local fisherman modified their boat into a glass bottom boat and by chance Tanjung Benoa Beach is an embarkation point for tourists who want to go to Turtle Island. It is takes 15-30 minutes by boat to Turtle Island and besides that there are some spots of under water garden along the trip that we can see from glass bottom boat. .Therefore, tourists often use glass bottom boats owned by fishermen to go to the turtle island. Glass bottom Boats owned by these fishermen are often also rented by water sports operators along the Tanjung Benoa coast to transport their guests to the Turtle Island. The capacity of glass bottom boat is 8-10 person in one boat. Thus the history of the correlation between Turtle Islands and glass bottom boat to Turtle Island.

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