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Enjoy your day with try a range of our water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa Bali !!!

PARASAILING You will use the parachute umbrella and pulled by speed boat surrounding Tanjung Benoa with a duration of approximately 5 minutes on the air. Length of rope that connects between the parachute and the speed boat approximately 80 meters. Parasailing is one of water activities that is the most demand by tourists in Tanjung Benoa.

JET SKI You will drive a vehicle on the sea such as you drive a motorcycle in the land. You can not drive by yourself from beach to the middle of sea because there are many other boats and water activity around sea spots. so you will be accompanied by a instructor to the middle and then you can drive jet ski by yourself and accompanied by instructor. Duration of this activity is about 15 minutes. Please try to crashing waves to feel a sensation of driving jet ski.

BANANA BOAT With using a single rubber boat, you will be attracted by speed boat around the coast within 15 minutes. Banana boat load capacity is a maximum of 4 people and 1 instructor as a companion. You can ask pushed into the water during the boat running, or if you do not want to wet and then you can request by normal. Look like not exciting if you play banana boat without jump into water.

FLYING FISH Flying Fish is the most recent game in Watersport Tanjung Benoa Bali. 3 pieces of banana boat put together with additional rubber boat across the front and there is a kind of right beside left wing. Flying Fish is played by 3 people max, ie 2 passengers on the right side and the left side and 1 instructor in the middle. Your position can stand as riding a motorcycle or sleep on her back. Flying Fish will be attracted by speed boat with a fairly high speed downwind path. Thus, a flying fish would fly over the water about 2 meters or more depending on wind speeds. Just like kites. For those who like a challenge, do not miss to try this game. Duration of this game is 15 minutes.

SNORKELLING Snorkeling is swimming underwater while seeing the sights. The main requirement you should be able to swim. By using a mask and fins, you will see ornamental fish and coral reefs while swimming. Duration of this game is 1 hour.

SCUBA DIVING Scuba Diving More than just good snorkeling. You will be given complete diving equipment, ranging from clothing, etc. oxygen tank. Diving should not be swimming, it is better if you can not swim, because it’s easier. The tourists will be accompanied by an instructor in the water, so no need to worry. Previously, you would first be brief about the ways the true dive. The depth for beginners ranging between 3 feet – 7 feet in water for 40 minutes. For carrying bread fish food, you will see the beautiful underwater scenery which met by beautiful coral reefs and brightly colored ornamental fish.

GLASS BOTTOM BOAT Glass Bottom Boat plus tour to Turtle Island is the most suitable tour if you ask your child is still small. With the boat up the clear glass underneath there, you will be invited to sail underwater aquarium located in Tanjung Benoa. As he threw the bread out of the boat, the fish will rise and chase the food. The hundreds of colorful fish. Similarly, with beautiful views of sea coral. Once satisfied, the boat will slide into Turtle Island (Turle Island) to see the location of breeding TURTLE. Here you will see that turtleeggsarebrooded and turtle are still small, young turtles to adult turtles that are ready to be parents. Types of turtles not only one, but there are several types. In addition, at this location there are also other animals such as birds, bats, snakes, etc. They are very tame, so you can hold them to be photographed .This tour will take time about 1 hour.

SEAWALKER Seawalker is a walking tour on the sea floor in Tanjung Benoa. It is the latest kind of water activities in Tanjung Benoa.

WATERSKI Have you seen people skiing in the snow? Well, Water skiing in Tanjung Benoa also similar like in the snow. This game really test your nerve. How not, you are standing on water skis continue to hold the rope and pulled by a speed boat. Occasionally you will collide with waves that will make you increasingly challenged. Note: Tools that meets the standards of comfort and safety of users. Such as buoys, speed boat and water ski board itself is available in two options: separate and fused. You certainly will be guided by our guides who are trained and experienced.

WAKEBOARD Exciting, tense, challenging, and certainly will conquer your fear to feel wakeboard in Tanjung Benoa Bali. Feel how you stand above the water sled (wakeboard) and towed by a speedboat, certainly very exciting and thrilling. Regarding safety, you do not need to worry because beginner will be given training and safe clothing that ensure the safety and comfort of your play.

DONUT Rolling Donut is a game that makes you feel the sensation of a speedboat pulled in the middle of the sea. You are in the Donut-shaped inflatable boat, is about 5 meters from the speedboat and drawn using a rope. Sure it is nice to vent emotions by screaming in the middle of the ocean. Is this dangerous? do not worry, because we’ve put the experienced guides who will accompany you. Not only that but our equipment has also international security standards.

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