Jet Skis Ride

Jet Ski Ride

Conquer your adrenaline by riding our jet ski with being accompanied by our professional instructor. If you have a license and can drive a jet ski then you will sit in the front as a driver and piggyback on the instructor. This means that you must always be accompanied by an instructor who controls solid traffic in Benoa Bay. Why like that? Because local instructors are more familiar with the daily traffic at the place. This policy is taken for the safety of tourists visiting Bali.

Do you want to ride a jet skis alone with your couple? or Do you want to ride a jet skis with our professional instructor. No worry. We can still facilitate you.

We have two jet skis brands namely Seadoo and Yamaha. Both of them are separated and operated in two different locations. Yamaha is only for all guests who want to ride a jet skis by himself (not driven by an instructor) and it is located in the low of traffic. This means you may drive a jet skis alone or with your couple.

In the meanwhile, Seadoo is only for all guests who want to ride a jet skis with an instructor. This means our instructor will be in front as the driver and you will be hitchhiked by our instructor behind as a passenger in one jet skis or you will be in front as the driver and our instructor will be hitchhiked by you behind  as a passenger in one jet skis. It is up to you which one is comfortable for you, but of course you may not drive alone because the traffic is very crowded and only our instructor are familiar with the daily terrain. This is all just for the safety of the guests.

Instead, if you want to drive a jet ski alone then you can choose Yamaha and will be in a location with low traffic.

You need to make a reservation a day before visiting our place. If you do not have time to make a reservation and suddenly want to play jet skiing then you try to contact us via telephone at least 3 hours earlier.

Price IDR 350,000 per 15 minutes ( USD 35.00 per 15 minutes).Price include free pick up and drop off service in the covering area of Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Legian and Seminyak. To see more photos click JET SKIS RIDE BALI

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